Marlee Stratford

World Builder

Marlee Stratford, one-half of the creative duo MarleeKat Creations, is a masterful storyteller with a penchant for crafting worlds where dragons reign supreme. Her extensive writing journey has shaped her ability to capture imagination and transform it into powerful narratives. Marlee's pen guides readers into a realm filled with sentient, majestic dragons that command awe and respect, meticulously constructing a universe where these mythical beasts are integral parts of a diverse collective of races and cultures.

Inclusivity is the guiding light in Marlee's writing, serving as the cornerstone of her narratives. She believes in the power of diverse storytelling, a principle that underlines her captivating worlds. Whether delving into the realms of fiction and critique or offering thoughtful analyses through book and movie reviews, Marlee's writing is a dance in the realm of speculative fiction, where her words create a tapestry of inclusivity and creativity.

Together with Kat, Marlee brings a unique synergy to MarleeKat Creations, where her individual talents converge to create something truly remarkable. Her writing extends beyond mere words, breathing life into characters and landscapes that resonate with readers. You can explore Marlee's intricately crafted realms on World Anvil, where each narrative represents her commitment to inclusivity, creativity, and the awe-inspiring wonder of a world where dragons are not mere mythical beasts but living, breathing entities. Her storytelling is not just an art but a celebration of imagination and the endless possibilities it holds.

Where Chaos Meets Dragons...

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