Marlee & Kat Welcomes You!

Crafting Diversity, Inspiring Stories

First of all

Welcome Explorers,

We are MarleeKat Creations. We are bringing together our passion for art, storytelling, and inclusivity. Dive into our unique LGBTQIA+ art creations, immerse yourself in engaging narratives, and get ready to explore imaginative worlds that celebrate diversity.

Not to mention


Kat stands as the radiant beacon of a vivid artistic journey, fervently championing the spirit of boundless creativity and endless imagination. Each masterpiece they craft is not merely an artwork but a profound declaration of their beliefs, where vibrant colors, inventive visions, and the essence of dreams blend into a symphony of visual poetry. Beyond simple self-expression, Kat wields the magic of innovative tools like MidJourney AI and Canva, skillfully forging enchanting realms that pulse with life and artistry, illuminating the world with their creative fire.

And let's not forget


Kat and Mal, the dynamic duo behind MarleeKat Creations, are each talented storytellers in their own right, drawing from their rich writing experience to craft enthralling narratives.

Kat is presently breathing life into three fantasy realms — Mystoria, Viterra, and Ustehall. Their words sketch out vibrant landscapes and interesting characters, weaving intricate tapestries of intrigue and wonder.

Meanwhile, Mal’s pen guides readers into a realm where dragons reign supreme—sentient, majestic creatures that command awe and respect. Mal’s extensive writing journey, longer even than Kat’s, has honed their ability to capture imagination and shape it into powerful narratives.

While their creative domains may differ, their passion for storytelling unites them. Kat’s expertise lies in copywriting and article writing, their words crafting compelling messages and insightful commentaries. Mal delves into the realms of fiction and critique, with their book and movie reviews offering thoughtful analyses and engaging narratives. Together, they bring a unique synergy to MarleeKat Creations, where their individual talents converge to create something truly remarkable.

And last but certainly not least

World Building

Kat’s boundless imagination is a wellspring of creativity, perfectly suited to crafting expansive worlds for tabletop games. Their storytelling extends beyond games, however, as they are currently weaving a unique narrative of a gay, supernatural fantasy novel—a project that they fervently hope to bring to fruition someday.

Marsha’s pen dances in the realm of speculative fiction, meticulously constructing a universe where dragons are not mere mythical beasts but integral parts of a diverse collective of races and cultures.

Inclusivity is the guiding light and the cornerstone of their narratives. They believe in the power of diverse storytelling, and it is this principle that underlines their captivating worlds. You can delve into their vivid imaginations and explore their intricately crafted realms on World Anvil, where each narrative represents a tapestry of inclusivity and creativity.