Who are MarleeKatCreations?

MarleeKat Creations, LLC, is a dynamic partnership between two best friends, Mal and Kat. This powerhouse team is dedicated to crafting unique LGBTQIA+ art creations, publishing engaging narratives, and constructing imaginative worlds for all to explore.

We firmly uphold the belief that creativity isn’t just a leisure pursuit—it’s an essential facet of life. We champion the notion that inclusivity isn’t merely a concept but an inherent right, and that our passions should drive purposeful action. MarleeKat Creations, LLC, brings this philosophy to life, utilizing our creative flair to showcase not just our talents but the talents of our diverse community.

Our community embraces individuals from all walks of life, with varied experiences and identities. However, we hold a special place for those hailing from the LGBTQIA+ community, Wiccan believers, and the Neurodiverse community. Our mission is to provide a platform for these communities, amplifying their voices through the power of art, writing, and creative world building.

a painting of a lot of books
a painting of a lot of books

Our principles

We believe in creating art that celebrates and represents the diverse LGBTQIA+ community. Our creations are inclusive and aim to promote acceptance and understanding.




We value authenticity in our art and narratives. Our creations are a reflection of our true selves and we strive to bring genuine and unique experiences to our audience.

We embrace the power of imagination and use it to construct imaginative worlds for everyone to explore. Our art and narratives transport you to new and exciting realms.

Meet the minds behind MarleeKat Creations

Writer and World Builder

Artist, Writer, and World Builder