Kat Sanders

Embodying the essence of creativity and imagination, Kat Sanders thrives as an artist, writer, and world builder. Every breath they take fuels their creative journey, as they effortlessly blend the vivid hues of their palette, shape words into powerful narratives, and construct intricate, immersive worlds.

Strongly anchored in self-awareness, they continually embark on introspective journeys, fostering a deep sense of self-empowerment. This self-knowledge enhances their artistry, allowing them to infuse authenticity into their creations.

Identifying as non-binary and pansexual, they stand proud and unapologetic, breaking the societal molds that seek to confine identity within narrow boxes. As a solitary witch, they navigate their spiritual journey independently, harnessing the power of their unique faith to enrich their life and their art.

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